Good Morning Snore Solution Review

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Snoring has been one of the main causes of breakups for years. This is because many people tend to ignore it until they can’t stand it anymore. So instead of assuming this issue and suffering in silent why don’t you try talking with your partner about it? The truth of the matter is, snoring affects the quality of your sleep and leave you restless. So the sooner you deal with it the better and what a better way to deal with this issue that trying the good morning snore solution. If you want to know more about this popular anti-snoring device please continue reading this good morning snore solution review.


What is it?

Developed by the MPowRX, this anti-snoring device has its own unique way of eradicating snoring. Created by the leaders in the sleep-research industry, this mouth piece is easy to use and very comfortable, plus it has been clinically tested and proven to work against snoring. This device has been approved and classified as class I clinical device for dealing with snoring and sleep apnea by the Health Canada. This product is FDA approved for treating snoring and it’s classified as class II medical device. Good morning snore solution is also approved by the Australian-therapeutic goods administration and the European Union.

How does it work?

Although the mandibular advancement devices have dominated the industry for years, the newer types of anti-snoring products which are classified as the tongue stabilizing devices like good morning snore solution are beginning to gain popularity. Like all the other tongue stabilizing devices, this mouthpiece uses its unique suction mechanism to pull the tip-of-your-tongue forward and hold it while you sleep peacefully throughout the night. Actually the theory behind this mechanism is that normally your tongue relaxes when you are asleep thus partially blocking your airway and causing the vibrations we know as snoring. In fact the company producing this product claim that it is very effective at treating mild-to-moderate sleep apnea.


Does it really work?

Unlike some of the anti-snoring products in the market, this device is backed by clinical studies and scientific research. After using this snoring device for a week, 34%of the participants in the clinical study experienced an increase of about 50% in regard to their exact respiratory-disturbance index. In terms of snoring, this device actually reduced the participant’s snoring index by approximately 40% plus more than 70% of the people who took part in this company’s clinical study continued using this anti-snoring device because they were satisfied with it.



i) Since this device requires no boil-in-pot and fitting methods, using this device is very easy.

ii) Since this device will not push your lower jaw forward like some of the mouthpieces in the market, you will never have to worry about lower jaw discomfort.

iii) The material used to make this device is latex and BPA free.

iv) This anti-snoring device has been FDA, EEC, TGA and Health Canada approved as an effective anti-snoring device.

v) It has been clinically proven for efficacy and safety.

vi) It’s a one-size-fits-all solution so you will never have to worry about it not fitting.

vi) It does not have any long-term side effect.

ZQuiet Review

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zquiet snoring mouthpiece

Snoring is a very annoying condition that affects both the snorer and the partner who shares the bed with him/her and listen to him/her snore night after night. This problem is caused by the partial obstruction of the snorer’s airway. Snoring can be caused by various factors including smoking, being overweight, smoking and sinus infections. But the good news is that there are various anti-snoring devices in the market like ZQuiet which can help you sleep peacefully. But most of the zquiet reviews found online are aimed at marketing this device, so if you want to know the truth about this product please read on.

zquiet snoring mouthpieceWhat is ZQuiet?

This is a one-fits-all anti-snoring mouthpiece that has in the market for some time now and is very different from some of mandibular advancement devices. This mandibular advancement device allows you to actually move your mouth freely throughout the night, thus making it very comfortable. This device employs the use of their living hinge technology to make it possible for anyone to breathe, which makes it perfect for anyone who prefers breathing through his/her mouth. This technology makes it possible for you to also speak & move your mouth anytime you want to. You will never have to take it out when you want to drink some water. This unique technology gets rid of all the discomforts which many people experience with all the other boil-and-bite mouthpieces.

How does it work?

This mandibular advancement splint is one of the most effective anti-snoring devices in the market which works by simply advancing your lower jaw by some millimeters to help reduce any kind of blockage in your airway, thus making it possible for you to breathe clearly and quietly. This FDA approved device is effective against snoring and sleep apnea plus it will leave you and your spouse sleeping peacefully for a very long time.

This device has a unique design which makes it possible for you to breathe freely though both your nose and mouth while using this device. In fact the individuals who can benefit from this device include:

i)The individuals with a neck circumference of more than 16inches

ii) People who snore more when they sleep on their backs

iii) Individuals with weak or small lower jaws

iv) Individuals who snore more after taking some alcohol

v) Men aged 50 and above

vi) Individuals whose snore score is between 20 to100



i) This device works immediately: with this device you will never have to worry about any preparation or molding it. You just have to get it out of its package and insert it into your mouth.

ii) This mouthpiece is designed for comfort: ZQuiet has a very soft rubber-texture plus a revolutionary technology that makes it possible for you to move your lower jaw freely, breathe freely and even drink water without removing it.

iii) This product is FDA approved which means that the materials used to make this device are safe & effective.

iv) This device is very comfortable



i) This device does work but getting used to it will take time.

ii) During the first few days of using this device you will experience some soreness in your entire mouth once you wake up, but this effect is temporary. You tongue might also feel very tender during the first few days of using it.

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Rip Snore Review

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ripsnore reviews

Treating your snoring issue should be the 1st thing in your to-do-list, especially if it is already messing up with your sleep and relationship. This is because a good night sleep is a very crucial to your overall health. Plus this issue will always trickle over to the following day, so if you are looking for a permanent solution to your snoring issue then you should consider getting the Ripsnore anti-snoring mouthpiece. So if you want to know more about this popular mouthpiece, you should continue reading this ripsnore review.

This anti-snoring device was created in 2009 by David Campbell and over the last four years it spread across Europe and the United States. Mr. Campbell isn’t a newcomer in the dental industry; in fact his family has been in the dental supply industry for years. His mother is a qualified dental-practitioner while his grandfather operated one of the largest dental-supply Company in Australia. Mr. Campbell created this device to solve his own snoring issue.


What is RipSnore?

ripsnore reviewsThis popular moldable plastic anti-snoring mouthpiece was designed to stop snoring by moving your mandible forward and prevent your tongue’s back from falling upon the soft palate and throat thus stopping snoring. This way your air passage remains open throughout the night and you sleep peacefully. In fact the company producing this product claims that it has a 98% effectiveness rate.

This boil & bite device can actually be custom-fitted at home. All you have to do is heat it in warm water and then insert it into the mouth while adjusting your lower jaw slightly forward and making sure that the lower teeth are always positioned fairly in front of the upper ones. Don’t forget to a breathing hole before creating the impression. You can finally drop it into some cold water before finally removing the spacer; once you complete the fitting process this device will be completely transparent.

Although it’s not FDA-approved, this device is constructed using FDA-approved materials which are BPA approved. Its major features are the 2 breather holes which are located in front of this device. This feature makes it easier for you to breathe while sleeping. Dual air-holes provide improved airflow thus stopping the creation of a whistling sound as the air rushes through the anti-snoring device and into the airways.



i) Since this device can be custom fitted at home, this anti-snoring mouthpiece is very comfortable and a perfect fit for your mouth.

ii) The fitting process of ripsnore device is very straight forward and simple so you can do it all by yourself at home.

iii) Since its custom fit, this device works perfectly plus it has helped many people overcome their snoring issue over the last 4 years.

iv) The FDA-approved materials used to create this anti-snoring device are very easy on your gums and mouth.

v) Unlike other anti-snoring mouthpieces in the market, this device has two large breathing holes which provide adequate airflow.

vi) This device comes with a 45-days money-back guarantee.

vii) It’s significantly less costly as compared to the numerous options in the market.

viii) The materials used to create this device are FDA approved.



i) Although the materials used to create this device are FDA approved, this product is not FDA approved.

ii) Getting accustomed to wearing this anti-snoring mouthpiece takes time and it will cause a jaw ache and drooling during the first few days of using it.

Our Recommendation:

While RipSnore is usual for some snorers we highly recommend going for a product with a more proven track record.  Jeff at Stop Snoring Consumer Reports does an amazing review of the top devices available on the market today.  As a matter of fact, it’s not unusual for the average snorer to go through a number of different mouthpieces before finding one that is truly effective.  In some cases they are only 50% effective.    There’s a lot more facts about similar mouthpieces like this over at this resource.  There’s no reason that you should snore with so many options available to help you reduce the problem all together.

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Zyppah Review

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Snoring is an issue that affects both male and female alike. This sleeping condition can leave you, your partner and the other family members or roommates sleepless throughout the night. So if you are looking for a stylish and sleek mouth piece with eye-catching colors, then you should consider getting the Zyppah. So before purchasing your mouthpiece makes sure you read this review. Unlike most zyppah reviews out there which are aimed at marketing this device, this review will give you all the facts about this anti-snoring device.


http://www.zyppah.comWhat is Zyppah RX?

This is a molded anti-snoring device which works by repositioning your lower jaw, so as to stop snoring. Unlike most of the mandibular advancement devices in the market, Zyppah is a stylish and sleek anti-snoring mouthpiece. This device is available in the bright neon-green and black colors. This device features a tongue stabilizing strap which is referred to as the revolutionary z-flex technology by the manufacturer. This feature is located on the back part of this device and it can stretch horizontally and from one side to the other. In fact the combination of the tongue stabilization and jaw adjustment places this device in its very own class.

Currently there are two types of this anti-snoring device in the market, the 3-prescribed version which are normally custom-fitted by the doctors at Snore-no-more centers and the over-the-counter consumer version which is available online and doesn’t require any prescription. This anti-snoring device was developed by Dr. J Greenburg, the industry’s professional who spent more than three decades in the dentistry field. He also spent a decade studying snoring and apnea plus he currently has 5 “snore-no-more centers in various California cities including Beverly Hills, Encino, Valencia, Pasadena and Newport Beach.


How does it work?

Just like all the other mandibular advancement devices in the market, this anti-snoring device works by pushing your lower jaw slightly forward thus opening up your airway which was previously partially blocked and getting rid of this irritating condition. This device also uses the mandibular advancement feature together with the elastic band. The jaw advancement tighten the muscles and tissues at the back of your throat while the elastic-band holds your tongue is a position that stops it from blocking your airway and allows for air to move freely while you are sleeping.

Fitting is quite easy, all you have to do is drop this anti-snoring device into some hot water and then remove it after a minute and dip it in cold water for a while before inserting it into your mouth and biting for a while to form an impression. As it cools down this device will retain this shape, you can then dip it in cold water.



i) This device has been FDA approved as an effective anti-snoring device, therefore it’s very safe to use.

ii) This device is custom fitted, so you will never have to worry about it not fitting you perfectly. Zyppah uses the boil-and-bite technology to help create a comfortable fitting piece contours to all the surface of your teeth.

iii) The revolutionary z-flex technology makes it easy for you to adjust your lower jaw.



i) Just like with all the other mandibular advancement devices, this device will feel uncomfortable for a while. In fact the tongue stabilizing feature might cause a gag-reflex.

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Vital Sleep Review

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vital sleep snoring mouthpiece

vital sleep mouthpieceAlthough there are numerous reasons why many people wake up tired, snoring has been cited by many people as the main cause of restlessness. This is the main reason why many adults sleep for more than 8hours every night and still wake-up feeling tired and groggy. But the good news is that there are numerous effective solutions for snoring in the market and one of them is vital sleep snoring solution. In fact the manufacturers of this device claim that with this device you can get more than enough sleep every night without snoring. If you want to know how this device works please continue reading this vital sleep review.

What is the Vital Sleep anti-snoring solution?

This class II snoring device is a mandibular-advancement device which has a lower-jaw adjustment which is tweaked with the already provided hex tool. This unit comes in 2 different sizes; the small size is better suited for ladies because they have a smaller mouth structure while the regular sized one is for men. Vital sleep was FDA approved in January 2010 and it’s made using USA-produced thermoplastic which was developed by the DuPont plus its BPA and latex free.

This anti-snoring device features a regularly used boil-and-bite technology which helps provide you with a more custom fit for your teeth. Remember if it doesn’t fit properly, then it will not be very effective. This unit also features an air hole which is located on the front side of this snoring device, which makes it easy for you to breathe through your mouth while sleeping. Another feature that helps increase comfort is the adjustment feature. This feature also helps make this device safer as compared to the other features in the market which lacks this feature.

Hernandez & his company called the Snore-Reliever company LLC which is based in New York co-developed this device. Although he registered his company in December 2010, his device didn’t gain momentum until a year later in the beginning of 2012. He developed this snoring device with the help Dr. Koffler who has more than 20 years of experience in rehabilitation and physical medicine.

How Does It Work?


While sleeping, the tongue of people who snore pushes backwards towards their throats thus partially obstructing your airway. This makes the throat vibrate & produce the sound we call snoring. This product works by simply moving the lower-jaw forward thus making sure that it doesn’t move towards the throat & constrict your air-passage at night.



i) This anti-snoring device comes in 2 different sizes; the snore-reliever produces the smaller one for ladies which fits perfectly with their smaller facial structure and the regular ones for men.

ii) The boil-and-bite feature allows the user to get their custom fit thus making it more comfortable.

iii) The lower jaw-adjustment capabilities which help increase comfort.

iv) The material used to produce this device is latex and BPA free plus it’s non-irritating to your gums.

v) The breathing hole makes it possible for you to breathe through both your nose and mouth while sleeping.

vi) It’s very easy to clean using your tooth brush.

vii) This unit is affordable plus it comes with a 30-days money back guarantee.



i) Even though it uses the boil-and-bite technology, this device’s mold fits around your gum line and not the teeth.

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Revolutionary Treatment For Sleep Apnea

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oral appliance for snoring

You first thought you would be able to cope with the loud grating sound, but when you started getting up red-eyed and sleep deprived day-after-day, it was time to take serious action and suggest ways to stop snoring in your bedmate. Snoring is a universal problem and the person suffering from it does not realize how he or she disrupts another’s sleep until it is brought to his notice. While snoring is a real nuisance, it is also an indication of poor breathing and hence, should be corrected.

Using dental oral appliances for snoring aka mouth guards has helped many get relief from Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea is a condition wherein a person does not breathe continuously; there are stops in between due to obstructions in the air passage causing loud snoring. Explained below are the types of mouth guards you can use. Also, find a short section on the pros and cons of this type of anti-snoring aid.

oral appliance for snoringDental Appliances – Design and Working

An oral anti-snoring aid is a specially fitted device to be worn inside the mouth. It prevents the blockage of the air passageway at the throat, adjusts the positioning of the oral cavity and corrects sleep-disordered breathing. In doing so, it minimizes sound vibrations while also enabling the snorer to enjoy quality sleep.

There are two main types of dental oral appliances for snoring troubles. One type of dental mouthpiece is the mandible advancement splint. This one opens up the airway by repositioning the jaw. It moves the lower jaw slightly forward in considering its alignment with the upper jaw. Some are designed to lift the soft palate. The second type of anti-snoring device has a component that holds the tongue in place. Generally, in persons suffering sleep apnea, the tongue coils backwards into the throat and blocks the air passage. By repositioning the tongue in the oral cavity, it frees up the airway. A dentist or a sleep therapist will be able to determine the best type of appliance for you.

How to use?

Dental appliances are engineered using soft, mouldable plastic. Most of them are clear and not colored. In their appearance, they resemble protective mouth guards worn by athletes during sporting events. Before you put on the device, you should soak it in hot water. The hot water makes the material soft and pliable enabling it to fit an individual’s mouth.

Is an oral appliance the perfect option for you?

Mandibular advancement devices work the best if you suffer mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. It has also proved to be very effective in those who have a recessed lower jaw. It does not help if you suffer severe sleep apnea. In the latter case, you will need a CPAP machine. Also, we wouldn’t advise using one if you have a few missing teeth.

What are the possible side effects?

Dental oral appliances help reduce the frequency and intensity of snoring; there is no denying it. However, they also cause physical discomfort. The minor yet common side effects include:

· Dry mouth

· Excessive salivation

· Pain in the teeth and gums if not fitted properly

· Jaw pain because of the repositioning of the lower jaw.

· Bite changes.

Oral appliances can be purchased over-the-counter at a medical drugstore. These are self-adjusting versions. When you go shopping for a mouthpiece to stop snoring, you should consult your dentist. You can buy a custom-made mouth piece too. These are molded by professional dentists keeping in mind your specific needs. The form is made with the help of your teeth imprints in the same manner dentures are made. Store-purchased mouthpieces are cheaper than professionally made ones.

Dr. Craig Schwimmer the medical director of the Snoring Center explains in great detail in this video exactly how these mouthpieces work.

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Does Pure Sleep Really Work?

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pure sleep

Snoring might not be a rare issue among adults, but it’s clearly an issue, considering the number of relationships and marriages it has ended and the number of individuals who are searching for different methods of dealing with this issue. So if snoring has been keeping you and your partners awake for a while now, then you need to get Pure sleep anti-snoring device. This is a class-II prescribed stop snoring device which has been in the market for more than 15 years now. Unlike other pure sleep reviews, this review will give you more information about this FDA approved snoring device.

pure sleepWhat is Pure Sleep?

This is a jaw-restraining type anti-snoring device which obtained its FDA clearance for treating snoring some few years ago. This class-II prescribed device has been classified as the boil & bite mandibular advancement snoring device which is actually custom-fitted and has been used for years to re-positioned the patient’s jaw forward, thus clearing the tissue obstruction in the airways. Made in the US, this device is built using two types of plastics which are latex and BPA free. This device has been used in medical practice to treat snoring for more than 15years.

The Pure Sleep mouthpiece was actually invented by Dr. Fenton, a San Francisco dentist and it was prescribed by him and other physicians as an anti-snoring mouthpiece for years at about $400 per mouthpiece. Later, a certain businessman referred to as Mr. Lindsay created a cheaper and easily available version of this mouthpiece and thus the pure sleep company was opened in 2007.

How does it work?

Normally, the soft tissue located at the back of your throat relaxes and partially obstructs the airway thus causing the vibrations referred to as snoring. This vibration of the soft tissues happens every time your air-passage constricts. To stop snoring this mandibular advancement device works by slightly moving your lower jaw forward and opening up your air passage. With a wider airway, these vibrations are eliminated thus getting rid of the snoring sound.

PuresSleep device is made up of the lower and upper pieces which are actually linked together in 3 settings which depends on your bite. Once linked, this device is boiled to soften it and prepare it for molding to the teeth. But once molded these settings can never be changed. So make sure you select your settings properly. One unique feature that makes this device standout, is the snap-in jaw advancement adjustment. This feature allows the user to easily move his lower jaw in 1 of the 3 different positions.


i) Having obtained the FDA clearance signifies that this device is actually safe for use.

ii) This anti-snoring is effective and it has helped many people beat snoring ever since it was invented.

iii) For a more comfortable fit, the Pure sleep anti-snoring device comes with three adjustable settings.

iv) This product is easily accessible in fact it can be obtained online, or/and from the partner physicians or dentists both in Canada and USA.

v) This product allows custom fitting, in fact all you have to do is boil it to make it elastic for molding to the teeth.



i) This device loses shape after being used for a while and reheating it doesn’t fix it.

ii) Once molded, you cannot reset it again, therefore you have to be very careful when choosing the right setting for you.

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